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    We all love wine, but I think we all enjoy it a little more when we're savouring a glass in the setting of a vineyard. This group is for everyone. Share locations you've been, places you'd like to go and maybe even ones you'd like to o...  more
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    Have you tasted a wine that you thought everyone just has to try. Share your thoughts and tell us about the wine. Why you liked it. Why you think it is better than other wines in its price. If you see a wine recommended and you've tried it too we...  more
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    Whether the winery and/or vineyard is located in the hill country, in a secluded town in the panhandle or down a back country road, Texas has some best kept secrets when it comes to wine. Share some of your favorites.
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    Exclusive virtual gathering of Domestic Goddesses abroad. We do not judge (because we've probably been there). We understand that venting and expressing our weaker moments does NOT make us bad mothers—rather validates our ability to be a strong paren...  more
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    This group is for all members it's doesn't matter if you do not live in NC. NC has several wineries here too one is well known here in NC they are Duplin Winery.
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    Virginia wine refers to wine made from grapes grown in the U.S. state of Virginia. Wine has been produced in the area since the early days of European colonization in the 17th century. Virginia has hot humid summers that can be challenging to viticulture....  more
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    50 wine and spirit purveyors, San Diego's top fine dining restaurants, and the city's hottest bands meet at Rhythm & Vine for a rockin' tasting event like no other. Be part of the festivities and support the Boys & Girls Clubs of G...  more
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    Nurses and friends of nurses who have learned that coming together over a good bottle of wine is indeed therapeutic!
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    Share stories about your favorite wines and wineries on the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail. Wineries include: Amore, Big Creek, Blue Mountain, Cherry Valley, Clover Hill, Franklin Hill, Galen Glen, Pinnacle Ridge and Vynecrest.