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    Groupe des amateurs de vins Français
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    In Argentina, wine production and consumption dates back from more than 400 years ago, when the first specimens of "vitis vinifera" were brought to America by the Spaniards, in the early 16th century.
    Catholic priests who came to America sett...  more
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    Wine Everybody est un agrégateur de flux RSS dédié au monde du vin. Un moyen de suivre en temps réel tout ce qui se dit sur le vin sur internet. Wine Everybody is an aggregator of RSS feeds dedicated to the world of wine
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    Cellars of Sonoma features 8 small production Boutique Vintners. We are passionate about these small producers who are making incredible wines! tell us your stories about your great finds regardless where you live! We love to hear those great stories abou...  more
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    Share dinner party tips, wine selections, dinner table conversation topics, cake selections/dessert, etc.
    Share mingling tips, appetizers, and tips for the general dinner party.
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    The group for wine loving singles to mingle.
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    A fun, virtual tasting group dedicated to the love and appreciation of wine, cigars, cognac and brandy. Swirl, sniff, sip, swallow, and puff! Sharing personal reviews, experiences of and for your favorite vices! Serious snobbery is discouraged!
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    Info about grapes and Wine made in the Lone Star State.
    By the way Local Texas wine is a Billion Dollar industry.
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    This group is for people who drink wine on a regular basis but can't afford to drop loads of cash on every bottle. Come one come all bargain-seekers who love quality wine!
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    Anyone who enjoys the many vineyards/wineries of Michigan.