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  • Zinfandel Wine
  • Zinfandel can be light and fruity, much like French Beaujolais, or lively, complex and age worthy, like cabernet sauvignon or claret. It can also be made into big, ripe, high alcohol style wines that almost resemble port.

    Zinfandel has a very hard...  more
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Zinfandel Wine

  • TXMoon
    TXMoon joined the group Zinfandel Wine
    • November 6, 2011
  • wineguerrilla
    wineguerrilla: Hey folks, if you like an eclectic small lot field blend of Russian River valley, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma and Alexander valley zin grapes, we urge you to check us out. We make quality affordable zins, and have a passion for this grape, and do hope to spr...  more
    • June 27, 2011
  • wineguerrilla
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    • June 27, 2011
  • VinoGurl
    VinoGurl: I have a question. I love wine and would love to some day educate myself more on certain varietals I really like. My question is for zins, what is the peak time after the year noted on a bottle. I'm finding the one's we drink currently are dated...  more
    • October 2, 2008
  • ZinFan
    ZinFan: Mark, I enjoy Zinfandels but actually it seems lately the more expensive I try the more I find the middle range wines are tasting better with more flavor profiles. Also what do you think about Old Vine Zindandels?
    • July 13, 2008
  • Mark
    Mark: Zinfandel and Its Real Home

    Europe. They say that it's the real home of Zinfandel grapes. DNA testing has proven their genetic compatibility with a grape in Croatia and Italy. But when it comes to the best-tasting red wine, California wineries...  more
    • February 12, 2008
  • Mark
    Mark: Zinfandel: An American Classic

    American Classic. Thatís what they call a bottle of good olí Zinfandel. The first time I had a glass of this red wine, what I couldnít forget is the texture. I love the way it tastes and feels in my mouth. Othe...  more
    • February 11, 2008
  • Mark
    Mark: Zinfandel and Its Fascinating History

    I consider Zinfandel to be one of the best American wines. Though Zinfandel grapes are found in California vineyards, DNA testing would suggest that these grapes actually originated in Europe. It shares some ...  more
    • February 10, 2008
  • Mark
    Mark: Zinfandel and Its Taste

    Intense, dry, and full. I canít have it any other way. Zinfandel is perhaps, one of the best-tasting wines I had in years. Young or old, it brings in a sensational flavor. Give it a year or two, youíll surely enjoy a b...  more
    • February 9, 2008
  • Jim
    Jim: After reading your words about Nickel & Nickel on the front page I decided to try a bottle of their Zinfandel. It was exquisite.
    • February 8, 2008
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    Mark: Thanks Tony, we will look into the threads being bumped to the top based on the last response to a post.
    • April 9, 2008
  • Mark
    Mark: Thanks Tony, we added the discussion section after the initial beta testing so it would be easier to follow the individual discussions. I need to get all the posts moved in there so things are more uniform and will make that today's project, however,...  more
    • April 8, 2008
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    asp3: Mark, I don't think you need to move the existing comments to discussions. I think it would be useful just to get people to start using the discussions.

    It would be really great if the Groups list could be ordered by the last discussion post....  more
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