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  • Pinot Noir Wine
  • Pinot noir grape may be quite difficult to cultivate and vinify, but it produces the finest wine in the history of mankind. Originally from the region of Burgundy, France, pinot noir is now grown and cultivated in several places outside of scenic France s...  more
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Pinot Noir Wine

  • TXMoon
    TXMoon joined the group Pinot Noir Wine
    • November 6, 2011
  • Gioia
    Gioia: Please try Gioia's 2007 Pinot Noir.
    It won a silver medal at the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition this past June.
    Gioia is a very small boutique winery with low production to keep it simple and pure.
    • October 31, 2009
  • Richardhw
    Richardhw: There are some brilliant Pinot Noir wines that come from New Zealand - try a Hawkshead 2007 grown in the Gibbston Valley, possbly one of the best areas in the word for growing pinot noir, and you'll see what I mean
    • May 26, 2009
  • mecduvin
    mecduvin: The description for Pinot Noir needs to be addressed. I am thinking of a monstrous Pommard clone from Lachini Vineyards in Oregon. Cuvee Giselle is a flinty, smoky behemoth that gives lie to the "light-colored red wine" description. The pinot noir grape i...  more
    • May 26, 2009
  • WineWipes
    WineWipes: Hello fellow red wine enthusiasts! If your tired of the "purple smile, tannin teeth, or red bage of courage" after drinking red wine at tastings, public events, and dinner dates then check out Wine Wipes! They are an innovative new product on the market t...  more
    • March 23, 2009
  • pinotchio
    pinotchio: Hi everyone, I'm Mike from Sunshine Limo Service and Wine Tours in Eugene Oregon. I just stumbled on this site and it looks like fun! Getting ready to pop a bottle of Pfeiffer "blue ...  more
    • March 21, 2009
  • Robertcanaga
    Robertcanaga: My wine gathering for Oregon Mozart Players auction has been going well thanks to those who have helped.
    • March 18, 2009
  • HollyElisabeth
    HollyElisabeth: Had some 2007 Red Bicyclette tonight. I will say it's a great value.
    • March 3, 2009
  • samantharobin
    samantharobin: The other day i received my Bottlenotes shipment of Te Awa Boundary . a not too dry,smooth wine.. Had it along with beef stroganoff.. quite a lovely combination
    • February 16, 2009
  • NeophyteinWine
    NeophyteinWine: The everyday Castle Rock Pinot Noir, as long as it is MENDOCINO COUNTY - don't go for other counties!!! - just rocks. And it's cheap, and you can find it everywhere.
    • February 16, 2009
    XCITMNT: Thanks Laura8 for the recommendation on the burgundy. My most recent pinot was the Talisman 2004 Thorn Ridge Pinot Noir. Highly extracted in color for a pinot that is like a 2003 red burgundy. The nose provided bing cherry and I enjoy that very much. ...  more
    • February 14, 2009
  • Laura8
    Laura8: The other day I tried a 2006 Faively Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru that was really nice!
    Aromas of raspberry & smoked meat with spice and an earthiness to it. Long finish. But I think i should have decanted or opened it and allowed it to breath for a whil...  more
    • February 11, 2009
  • OntarioWineCapo
    OntarioWineCapo: I love a good Pinot Noir wine! Norman Hardie (Ontario) makes a delicious wine! I don't care if delicious is proper descriptive etiquette or not, the wine is just phenomenal!!!
    • January 23, 2009
    CROMBIE: Wow...sounds like some people haven't tried Oregon Pinot Noir. I know for certain the St. Innocent's Anden Vineyard Pinot Noir 2005 can easily stand up to a decent premier cru. Personally, The 2004 Burgundies are silky and wonderful...I'm...  more
    • October 31, 2008
  • kateh
    kateh: Pinot noir taste off notes posted -
    Bass Phillip just edged ahead in front of the Ata Rangi... great night tho!
    • September 9, 2008
  • Mark
    Mark: Sounds great Kate - I look forward to hearing what you think of one vs the other.
    • September 4, 2008
  • kateh
    kateh: I'm running an aussie vs nz pinot taste off this weekend - keeping it simple with 3 rounds of wine in different price brackets.
    Looking forward to the Ata Rangi vs Bass Phillip in the finale @
    • September 4, 2008
  • peninsulapinot
    peninsulapinot: Pinot celebration near Melbourne, Australia in Feb 2009...
    • August 28, 2008
  • jpswd4
    jpswd4: lets open up the debate, is there any decent pinot outside of france? many have tried but i have yet to find one that beats the basic burgandy pinot!
    • June 29, 2008
  • Dermott
    Dermott: I recently purchased a Pinot Noir from a large supermarket in England for only £3.99. It came from the Langurdoc and was made by Bouchard Pere and Fils, the well known Burgundian vintners, I do not know if it is available in the US but if it is, seek it ...  more
    • May 9, 2008
  • Handyandy9x
    Handyandy9x: Non French Burgandies....try any from Tasmania ..Pipers Brook, Ninth Island, Domaine A, our climate almost matches exactly that of the Burgundy... good vintages 2004, 2005, the 2007 vintage is expected to be a stunner.
    • July 6, 2008
  • riccardis75201
    riccardis75201: Wine event May 22 at Riccardi's. We will have appetizers to cleanse your palate and the cost will be $15. If you choose to dine, along with the regular menu, we will have a set of 3 course meals to choose from that will come with their respective pai...  more
    • May 3, 2008
  • Wineaux
    Wineaux: Had a bottle of Babcock's "Ocean's Ghost" pinot noir 2005....excellent, with Brian Babcock's wine there is never a doubt, its all goood. Full of fruit, lots of body, soft tones of peppered blackberry jam...yummy. p.s. you can only...  more
    • April 18, 2008
  • CheckD
    CheckD: Hi all. I recently drank a bottle of 2006 Mount Difficulty from Central Otago, New Zealand. It cost me 20 GBP but it is truly the best non-burgundy I have ever tried and is definitely worth a look.
    • April 16, 2008
  • Mark
    Mark: There are three words that can best describe pinoit noir wine: impressive, velvety, and seductive. Its flavor and aroma, which remind you of strawberry, black cherry, cinnamon, and meat, linger on even after the wine has passed through your throat. It is ...  more
    • February 12, 2008
  • Mark
    Mark: 2005 California's Best Pinot Noir Ever

    Form every major coastal region in California 2005's pinot noirs are the best ever produced. From Santa Rita Hills to Russian River Valley to Sonoma Coast to Anderson Valley to Santa Lucia Highlands ...  more
    • February 11, 2008
  • Mark
    Mark: Pinot Noir Grapes

    Pinot noir grape variety is said to be one of the hardest to cultivate and grow. It prefers cooler climate and is very much vulnerable to viruses, bugs, and other forms of malaise. Pinot noir is thin-skinned and ripens much earlie...  more
    • February 11, 2008
  • Mark
    Mark: Pinot Noir Pairings

    Pinot noir is such a versatile wine that it can go perfectly well with any food. Pair it up with heavy meals, desserts, or salads, and you can have a pleasant gastronomical experience. But of course, there are particular foods t...  more
    • February 10, 2008
  • paddyobarfy
    paddyobarfy: Stay away from Burgundy! Nothing but disappointment with the occasional uplifting, life-changing experience that will leave you broke with a smile in your soul with every rememberance of "that bottle". Besides, with less of you drinking Burgundi...  more
    • April 10, 2008
  • TheresaChristiani
    TheresaChristiani: The best Pinot Noir wines that I have ever had came from David Bruce in the Santa Cruz mountains in California. The granite under the soil gives these wines an incredible flinty undertone that tames the fruitiness. Next to impossible to get in Washingto...  more
    • April 11, 2008