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  • Wine Industry Colloquy (WIC)
  • A place for individuals in the wine industry or aspiring industry prospects to discuss ideas, build relationships, and focus on the business life cycle of the vine.

    This group is for those who wish to conduct business on a more personal level.
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Wine Industry Colloquy (WIC)

  • christies1968
    christies1968: Teikoku restaurant invites you to experience a taste of autumn through four distinctive small plates and impeccably matched wine pairings. The evening will be featuring the culinary genius of Takao Iinuma, Executive Chef of Win Signature Restaurants and a...  more
    • September 30, 2008
  • christies1968
    christies1968: Teikoku tour of California wine dinner with Wine educator
    Michael Walsh
    Executive Chef Takao Iinuma, Chef de Cuisine Teikoku Chay Aniwat and Chef de Cuisine Azie Kaz Mitsui

    Amuse Bouche- Sushi
    Citrus roll, salmon, sea bass, yel...  more
    • August 22, 2008
  • SlightlyPotty
    SlightlyPotty: I really have no current role in the industry but of the 42 years I have been drinking wine, I spent 34 buying and selling wine in the hotel and restaurant business all over the world. I have also been involved in th training and education of others in th...  more
    • June 19, 2008
  • Bextersue
    Bextersue: I am the managing co-owner of a small wine bar/retail shop and the sommelier of an adjoining Italian restaurant. I also do some freelance food and wine writing and wine judging from time to time.
    • June 10, 2008
  • kschmidt75
    kschmidt75: I am in Trade Marketing for Howard Park Wines / Madfish Wines of Margaret River, Western Australia. I have been in the wine industry for five years, and my roles have included Sales, Export, Retail and Logistics & Marketing.
    • June 9, 2008
  • LarrytheSommelier
    LarrytheSommelier: Mullet stays - he's a great guy and knows his wines, has a great palate and knows the industry well...
    • May 22, 2008
  • jordanofVA
    jordanofVA: I guess he can Muletsaison, which areas around the South of France did you do the most work with. I will be there in a month and would love if you have any suggestions.
    • May 21, 2008
  • RyE
    RyE: mulletsaison, I think your experience will help us all. This is more about sharing ideas and industry talk, which you have plenty of expertise in. Well then again this is not a dictatorship (my opinion is only one vote), so if the members want you gone......  more
    • May 20, 2008
  • mulletsaison
    mulletsaison: I'm no longer in the industry... (hope I can still stay in the group!) I worked for a couple of importers/distributors after college. Worked in retail during college. Got the chance for a little while to select wines (mostly from the south of Franc...  more
    • May 19, 2008
  • sully
    sully: I'm currently convalescing ...but for the last 20 years I've been involved in importing French wine to the UK...I still have contacts with many small, family producers in most regions of France.
    • May 16, 2008
  • LarrytheSommelier
    LarrytheSommelier: I sell wine as a distributor rep., write, teach, consult for private buyers and restaurants, manage private cellars, make wine and more...
    • May 12, 2008
  • dianeo
    dianeo: I set up and guide small group tours of the Bordeaux region in SW France.
    • May 11, 2008
  • RyE
    RyE: Welcome everyone! Please share with everyone your current role in the industry.
    • May 9, 2008