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  • This is our very first Holiday party and we feel like celebrating. The new tasting room is shaping up, the patio is nearly complete, the salmon are running down at the creek, and our award winning wines are flat out gorgeous.
  • 12/14/08 at 11:00 AM -
    12/14/08 at 5:00 PM
  • Where
    5610 Dry Creek Road
    Healdsburg, CA 95448

    707 433 9545
    www.truetthurs Map
  • Host
    Truett Hurst Winery
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  • RSVPs
    • 2 attending
    • 9 maybe attending
    • 136 not attending
    • 263 awaiting reply


Truett Hurst Winery Holiday Extravaganza

  • WineDevyne
    WineDevyne: My regrets - not able to attend. Thanks for thinking of me. Warm Regards from Paula
    • January 20, 2009
  • DahlingBella
    DahlingBella: Oh how I really wish I could attend.....it would be a wonderful present. Unfortunately, I cannot so I must regretably decline. Please keep sending invites and information.
    • December 22, 2008
  • HappyLady
    HappyLady: Thanks so much for the invite - visited your winery during Passport last year. Won't be able to make your event this time but continue to invite!!! Have a wonderful holiday! Barbie
    • December 15, 2008
  • cellarmistress
    cellarmistress: Thanks for the invite! Really wish I could be there instead of here where it's zero degrees out and we're all hibernating in our parkas! I'll be visiting again soon though. You can bet on it! Happy Holidays, Jim!!
    • December 15, 2008
  • GreenBeautyQueen
    GreenBeautyQueen: Thank you so much for the invitation! And so sad to not be able to have attended the festivities. We were snowed in at Incline Village for our anniversary this weekend :)
    • December 15, 2008
  • bookashowwithpamperedchef
    bookashowwithpamperedchef: I'd love to attend, but I wont be able to make it. The weather there sounds lovely since we are buried in snow and frost.
    • December 15, 2008
  • FineWineOnLine
    FineWineOnLine: Can't make it, but I will be there in jan. 16th 17th &18th. will bring in my consultants. Can't wait! Thanks so much. will be staying at the Sonoma Lodge...I believe you are not that far away.
    • December 10, 2008
  • boxerchick75
    boxerchick75: If only if only I was still in Calistoga!!!
    • December 5, 2008