Millesima USA Wine Blog – Focus on Bordeaux 2010

  • These last few weeks have seen many top chateaux launch their Bordeaux 2010 prices. While the 2010 Bordeaux vintage is fantastic (see Roger Bohmrich’s vintage report PDF and tasting notes PDF for a full report), the prices are also considerably higher than 2009.

    We know that a weak dollar combined with high prices may make you apprehensive about purchasing Bordeaux futures, we thought we’d share some of the best values and interesting selections on the blog. Look for our updates in the following categories:

    • Discover Bordeaux – We’ll write about Bordeaux wines that you might not have heard of priced at $35 or less.
    • 2nd Label Selections – While many first label wines from your favorite chateaux seem a bit too pricy this year, their second label wines are more affordable. We will share some of the best values here.
    • Grand Cru Classe Values – These posts will be dedicated to Grand Cru Classe Bordeaux that are priced under $75.
    • Bordeaux Prestige – Of course, we will still cover the most prestigious First Growths, Super Seconds, and high-end Right Bank Bordeaux properties as well.


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