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  • Paso Robles

    I spent the fourth of July sipping some excellent wines in Paso Robles.  Though I tend to gravitate more toward complex reds, I've now become a huge fan of Cass Winery's Viognier. It's a blissful wine for summer sipping.   The food in the tasting room at Cass is also exceptional, as well...
  • Wineries in Malibu

    Wine lovers in Los Angeles are discovering a stretch of wine country in their own back yard. In the mountains above Malibu, there's a unique microclimate where vineyards are thriving.   I've tried some really nice wines there.  There's now over 50 vineyards in the Santa Monica mountains....
  • Los Angeles Wine Tasting Blog

    For those in the LA area, here's a wine tasting blog specifically for Los Angeles.
  • Magic & Wine - A Cool Review!

    I just read this review of my 'magic & wine' show.   :) David Wednesday, April 16, 2008 David The Enchanter by Dikla Kadosh David Minkin is the rock star of magic. I was told that is the epithet given to him by his fellow mag...
  • Another review of 'Magic and Wine Tasting'

    Last week, the Santa Monica Mirror reviewed my show.  Below is an excerpt... "The event at Malibu’s romantic Beau Rivage is billed as “Evening of Enchantment – An Extraordinary Evening of Magic and Wine Tasting.”  On this very rare occasion, the advertisem...
  • The Malibu Times reviewed my show!

    I created an evening of magic and wine tasting in Malibu California, and last week the Malibu Times ran the following story on us.  I'm quite pleased! - David Wine and magic Published: We...