The BEST of New Orleans

  • 1. Lucy's -Retired Surfer Bar
    2. August - John Besh
    3. Wine Institute of New Orleans
    4. Luke - John Besh
    5. Bon Ton Cafe
    6. ACME Oyster
    7. Roberts Fresh Markets
    8. Herbsaint - Restaurant and Bar
    9. Cafe du Monde
    10. Cigar Factory - New Orleans
    11. St. Charles Avenue Streetcar
    12. Frenchman's Street Jazz Bars
    13. Sazarac Cocktail
    14. Aiden Gill for Men - Barbershop

    Did I mention the people of New Orleans? I was so impressed with everyone I met there. The wealthy, the working class and the poor...the spirit of New Orleans was instilled in all of them. After being battered by Katrina in 2005 all of New Orleans has come together. The residents diligently work to preserve the culture and tradition that has been so richly celebrated in New Orleans for many generations.

    I made it a point to speak to many of the residents during my 3 days there. ALL of them were incredibly generous with their time, and truly went out of their way to give me hints of where to go and what to see.

    I am kicking myself for never making it to New Orleans before now. I packed two weeks of eating, drinking and touring into a 3 day trip. I will have to go back two or three more times to visit all of the places that remain on my list to experience. The running joke while in New Orleans was the question of which would give out first, my liver or my waistline. Look for all of the gory details in my future reviews coming later in the month. Laissez les bon temps rouler!


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  • Mark
    Mark That is one city I have always wanted to visit but sadly have not yet. I'll have to find some time to get there.
    September 16, 2008