2001 J. Rochioli Pinot Noir Three Corner Vineyard

  • I typically wait for the perfect day to enjoy my Rochioli SVD's and this weekend with the beautiful weather and need for some quality relax time seemed just right!

    Opened and decanted right before serving this wine looked rich and opulent before it even hit my lips.Rich deep garnet color in the glass with some light bricking at the edges it had a clear but very deep hue throughout. This wine delivered a lovely nose of black cherries, red and black fruit and an ever so slight floral hint. The first sip provided a silky and supple feel on the palate supporting the nose with flavors of black cherries and mature fruit. THe wine was consumed without any food and I am glad I decided to enjoy this on it's own. If paired with food I would have tried to keep it simple as to not take away from the wine.

    Medium acidity, with balanced tannins and body. This was a well balanced wine overall and very enjoyable. For me it was a quintessential Rochioli SVD and is what I have come to expect from this producer.

    I think this wine is at it's peak but likely has the stuffing to be held longer if desired.My only issue is that while I am on the waiting list, these and their siblings are hard to come by. I wish I had more!!


  • JGarofalo3
    JGarofalo3 I have enjoyed the SB's in fact it's ironic. I popped open a 2005 S.B. this evening. These are excellent wines across the portfolio but not sure the SB is really worth the spend where as the Pinot's and others while pricey are at the top of...  more
    May 29, 2008
  • Spillthewine
    Spillthewine How long have you been waiting? I am on allocation list, to bad you live on the east coast I have been extending my allocation to my co-workers and due the price tag. Last year I was allocated only 1 of the TCV and 4 each of the Little Hill, West & ...  more
    May 29, 2008