Vinho Verde, light, crisp... and green you say? Great value Portuguese wines ..


    Vinho Verde, light, crisp... and green you say? Great value Portuguese wines. A question that is often asked about the color of the wine... and why not? As “Vinho Verde” does indeed mean “green wine”. The fact is, that the color of the wine has nothing to do with its name, rather it is meant to signify the state in which Vinho Verde wines should be enjoyed; in their youth, while still fresh, crisp, with good acidity and most enjoyable.  So says William Delgado, the Area Manager of the Portuguese Trade & Tourism Commission,  Vinho Verde wines, typically lower in alcohol, often with a hint of “spritzig” or slightly sparkling are ready for drinking within the first year, pleasing the palates as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to anything from the sea.
    ...And there is a lot more to Vinho Verde than one might think! Read on for Vinho Verde Veritables! Vinho Verde is actually a DOC wine growing region. The region is located in the historic province of Minho, in the northwest corner of Portugal. The region was demarcated in 1929. Climate is fairly humid and cool from proximity to the Atlantic and the region’s many rivers. Vinho Verde is divided into 6 distinct sub regions, distinguished by climate and the select white grape varieties grown. A variety of different grapes are permitted in Vinho Verde; several red, yes red grapes... including the delicious Tourega Nacional, the  Azal Tinto, Borracal and Vinhao to name a few... And white grapes Alvarinho (Albarino in Spain), Loureiro and Trajadura.  Most consumers think of Vinho Verde as a white wine, however just under half of wines produced in  this region  are red, although this is changing, with a greater emphasis moving toward white varietals Local legislation dictates that Vinho Verdes may not exceed 11.5% alcohol. One of the challenges facing  Portuguese wines is the difficulty in pronouncing and remembering them due to the unfamiliarity of the many indigenous grape varieties and names of the regions  Vinho Verdes are meant to be enjoyed in their youth Vinho Verdes are typically crisp, most often lighter bodied. Enjoy Vinho Verdes as an aperitif and with anything from the sea. Here is a list of a couple of great value wines currently available at the LCBO. Experience Vinho Verde today!
    SOGRAPE GAZELA VINHO VERDE   LCBO #141432    $7.95 per bottle AVELEDA VINHO VERDE   LCBO #5322   $8.95 per bottle ADEGA COOP PONTE DA BARCA VINHO VERDE ROSÉ 2007   VINTAGES 94995   $14.95

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