Baco Noir with Strawberries & black pepper

  • I was at a winery in Niagara (Henry of Pelham), had finished sampling and was about to leave when the manager asked me to join her in another room.

    She offered me a glass of their Baco Noir which I had sampled earlier. I politely declined (trying to be polite since it was very young and not particularly great - very little long-term potential.) She insisted I try the wine with strawberries dipped in fresh ground black pepper. After checking for hidden cameras and preparing myself for the imminent arrival of Alan Funt, I tried the combination.

    Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. A strange combination but it worked. The Baco was young and acidic. Some decent red fruit. It paired beautifully with the slightly tart strawberries. The pepper added a very slight but pleasant splash of heat.

    So the next time the Manager invites you to try a strange pairing, take a chance that it isnt an episode of Candid Camera and give it a whirl.