2009 Quickfire Wines Top Chef Selection Sauvignon Blanc

  • Mission Codename: Bravissimo

    Operative: Agent Red

    Objective: Respond to reports that Quickfire’s Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc, a Bravo Channel Top Chef Selection wine – is a special Summertime wine at a terrific price. If the wine is up to our standards, secure an allotment for our thirsty Operatives

    Mission Status: Accomplished!

    Current Winery: Quickfire

    Wine Subject: 2009 Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

    Winemaker: Terlato Family Wines

    Backgrounder: Sauvignon Blanc originally hails from the Loire Valley in France, but has found new homes in other parts of France (Bordeaux, where it is blended with Sauternes), New Zealand (especially the Marlborough region) and, of course, California. Sauvignon Blanc is generally dry and crisp with flavors of apples, pears and tropical fruit and it tends to have bright acidity that lends itself well to pairing with spicy foods.

    Wine Spies Tasting Profile:

    Look – Lightest straw yellow, with platinum highlights at the edges of the wine. Spin the wine and it settles very quickly, leaving behind tall, skinny legs that meander down the glass.

    Smell – Bright and fragrant with an easy complexity, this wine leads with mixed citrus, green mango, green apple and toasty vanilla. As the wine warms in the glass, aromas come to life. Creamy lemon honey, acacia flowers, caramel apple, custard and dried hay emerge, really rounding out the nose.

    Feel – Soft and round, with a mid-palate creaminess that transforms on the palate to slightly grippy, as white minerals and a bright acidity add a lively complexity.

    Taste – Bright and fresh, with zesty citrus in the lead. Lemon, lime and yellow grapefruit are out in front. These are followed by key lime, lemongrass, white flowers, subtle white spice and a hint of fresh pineapple.

    Finish – Long and filled with bright flavors. Bright acids sustain the fruit for a long time, gradually transforming into mineral, soft spice and fresh white flowers.

    Conclusion – We were very pleased with this approachable, value-priced summertime sipper. Today’s 2009 Quickfire Sauvignon Blanc – Napa Valley is a really delightful wine that exceeded our expectations. Loaded with tart and sweet citrus fruit and backed by a flinty minerality, great acidity and a lovely floral component, this wine is an easy-drinker that has enough character to be a part of the conversation. We call this a great ‘porch wine’ that would be lovely all on its own, but we recommend that you pair this built-for-food wine with your favorite spicy meal of seafood dish for fantastic results.