2007 Sheldon Wines Deviant Velocity Petite Sirah

  • Mission Codename: A Constant Deviant Velocity

    Operative: Agent Red

    Objective: Return to Sheldon Wines and procure their the new release of their Deviant Velocity Petite Sirah, a 2007 that is one of their most popular wines.

    Mission Status: Accomplished!

    Current Winery: Sheldon Wines

    Wine Subject: 2007 Deviant Velocity Petite Sirah

    Winemaker: Dylan Sheldon

    Backgrounder: Petite Sirah’s California roots dates back to when it was believed to be a close relative of the Syrah grape. Later it would be found to be genetically identical to the Durif, named for its after French discoverer François Durif who found that the varietal was a Syrah grape pollinated with Peloursin flowers. Its smaller berries with higher skin to pulp ratio leads to more intense flavors. Another benefit of the smaller berries are tighter clusters that are more resistant to mildew. Currently Petite Sirah is less popular in France and increasingly popular in the United States

    Wine Spies Tasting Profile:

    Look – Darkest ruby red hues, with a darker heart. This darkly foreboding wine is only slightly, not inky-black like some California Petite Sirah. After a hearty swirl, skinny, janky tears form branching chains as they move slowly down the glass.

    Smell – Heady, sweet and lush with a plethora of exciting aromatics. Sweet cherry cordial and rustic spice mingle with earthy, dusty bramble, black cherry, dried fall leaves, fresh tobacco leaf, and a subtle hint of lavender all provide a rich fullness on the nose.

    Feel – Soft and cool at the tip of the tongue, the wine races across the palate, eventually settling onto the mid-palate. There, fine-grained tannins give the wine a plush feel that slowly telegraphs to the edge of the palate. Eventually, lips and cheeks are well-coated with tannin and flavor.

    Taste – Dark and bold with tart red cherry, wild strawberry, young raspberry and red currant out in front. These are closely followed by dark cocoa powder, black currant, spice, dried violets and cracked pepper.

    Finish – Very long, softly drying and packed with red fruit flavors, that gradually yield to black fruit, spice, minerals and dried dark flowers. After all of the fruit has faded, cracked pepper can be felt along the gumline.

    Conclusion – After too long of a hiatus, I am so pleased to welcome Sheldon Wines back to our pages. Today’s 2007 Deviant Velocity Petite Sirah is a very unique and very delicious wine that most would fail to recognize as a Petite Sirah. In fact, the winery leaves the varietal off of the front label, relying on the name of the wine to intrigue people and draw them in for a taste. According to Tobe Sheldon, most people taste the wine and then fall in love. When they learn that it is Petite Sirah, their eyes go wide. This is not to say that the wine is unlike a Petite Sirah – but it is a little different. It does deviate slightly, from the norm, by delivering a much brighter, more red experience than the darker, deeper purple flavors of many a Cali Petite. This very approachable wine represents remarkable balance and we love it!. Don’t miss out on this very drinkable, very food-friendly wine.

    Mission Report:

    Wine Spies Vineyard Check:

    The location of the Sheldon Wines Tasting Room, in Santa Rosa, California, can be seen in this satellite photo.