Deconstructing the VT-CAVE G VinoCellier European Wine Cellar

  • Within this text we will disassemble the VT-CAVE G revealing its most fundamental parts and characteristics. This European manufactured wine cooler is ideal for aging wines for years before enjoying them or for the wine collector who likes to frequently drink perfectly chilled wine. The VT-CAVE G has many helpful features that make wine storage an effortless task. The unit is engineered with quality parts and resources ensuring its longevity and smooth operation. Take a moment to reflect on this wine refrigerator’s engineering.


    The VinoCellier is a stylish wine cooler with a black exterior body and glass locking door. The locking feature is found in the higher end wine refrigerators and serves as a deterrent from disruption ensuring the carefully controlled interior climate is not compromised. The glass door creates a pleasing display for your cooling wines and assists in insulating the internal environment. The locking glass door is accompanied by two keys. Additionally, the recessed handle offers aesthetic value and eliminates large handles which can cause placement issues. Moreover, the reasonable dimensions also enable an easy fit among other furniture or in a garage. The wine refrigerator stands around 6 feet tall, and a little over 2 feet wide and deep.


    This wine cooler has a roomy capacity of approximately 267 bottles of wine. This bottle count is entirely dependent upon the size and shape of the wine bottle being stored. Due to the variations in wine bottles, the capacity can be reduced if you choose to store larger bottles. The shelving is adjustable, a convenient feature, allowing custom wine bottle arranging. Five of the shelves can be positioned to slide out, accommodate bulk storage, or display the wine bottles upright. This wine refrigerator can comfortably fit 13 shelves and additional shelves can be purchased from the manufacturer if desired. The shelves are made from solid wood providing a sturdy platform for cooling wines.


    Because humidity is such an important element in proper wine aging and cooling, the VT-CAVE G has been equipped with a built-in standard hygrometer. This device will accurately display the level of water in the air of the wine cooler’s interior. Humidity control is important for two reasons. One, to keep evaporation at a minimum in the resting wines; this was more of a concern when wine was kept aging in barrels. The second concern, which is more applicable to wine refrigeration, is to keep the corks moist. The corks can crack and allow wine seepage or oxygen penetration to affect the wine if the humidity level is not maintained.


    The VT-CAVE G was created with a near silent compressor based cooling system. This system is easily maintainable, energy efficient, and less expensive than other cooling technology. With a wide ambient temperature range, this wine cooler can be placed within your home or in a garage or basement. Because the ambient temperature, which is the temperature outside the wine cooler, can fluctuate between 32 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the wine chilling within will still be kept at ideal temperatures in your basement or garage. The internal temperatures can be accurately set between 48 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit. The settings are adjusted from the control panel built into the cabinet roof. This feature allows the option to hide the controller, display, or have it lowered for use. The wine storage controls are digital and easy to read and set. Combined, these features and characteristics create a desirable and functional wine cooler.